Residential Rebates and other incentives: 

There are a variety of financial incentives which depend on which Town you live in and which equipment is being installed.

Lincoln, Carlisle:

Communities served by an investor owned utility such as Eversource or National Grid are eligible for financial incentives funded by the Renewable Energy Trust Fund:

A) Mass Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) Programs:

B) Mass Save Programs:

Concord MA:

Since Concord is served by its own municipal utility, the financial incentives available to residents and businesses are different, though in many cases of comparable value.

All Communities:

Regardless of which community within Massachusetts you are in, you can take advantage of the following programs and financial incentives:

  • MA Home MVP program
  • Ground-source heat pump installations are eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Ground-source heat pump systems are exempt from State Sales Taxes